Government Job vs Private Job: Which One is Better
Government Job vs Private Job: Which One is Better

Government Job vs Private Job: Which One is Better

Government Job vs Private Job: When we discuss which job is good, the one that comes first is definitely a government job. This is very common question to every candidate who has completed their studies and is looking for a job. Everyone wants a government job because it is safe, secure and, comes with other benefits and that’s why everyone prefers a government job over a private job.

Private jobs, on the other hand, are less secure, and companies don’t pay employees, mostly junior employees, enough. In a private job, you have to go to their office and work hours and a horse.

However, lower caste families always prefer a government job because they get some benefits that a private job cannot offer them. Today we will discuss Government Job vs Private Job: Which is better?

Government Job vs Private Job: Which One is Better

It is very difficult for candidates to choose right career option between a government sector and a private sector. Don’t worry!- here we have made a comparison between a govt job and a private job.

01. Government Job vs Private Job: Vacancies

Indian government announces a lot of job publicly each year. Every government jobs come with a written exam and your performance in the exam hall will select you for an Interview.

A lot of vacancies are available in the Indian Government such as central government jobs, state government jobs, PSU, government banks, SSC, Indian Navy, army, police, and more.

On the other hand, you have to go there for job interviews in the private sector. However, like government jobs there are many vacancies in private sector like private banks, companies etc.

02. Job Security in Government and Private sector

The question is – which is better between a government sector and a private sector? – A government job is 100% secure than a private job, and this is a positive side of the public sector.

However, there are very few chances to lose your government job, but in the private sector, if you don’t give your best performance, you can exile anytime by the Company.

03. Working Schedule

The work schedule in the private sector is much tougher than in the public sector. Government sector has a fixed working time of around 6 to 7 hours. And, this standard time of government sector helps us to make a plan for your whole day.

Whereas in the private sector, you need to work almost 9 to 10 hours per day, sometimes you have to do overtime without any benefits. So, this is a disadvantage of private jobs.

04. Work Stress and Work Load

It is known to us that government jobs are much more comfortable and less stressed than the private sectors. As we saw above, the government sector has a standard time, that gives employees less stress.

On the other side, the private sector has a fixed time of around 9 to 10 hours per day, which feels much more stressful than the government sectors.

05. Competition in Both Sectors

In both cases the competition is determined by the number of vacancies and the number of applicants. All the eligible candidates of the entire country can apply for a government job, on the other hand, it is different in the private sector.

The only troubling issue in a government sector is the caste-based reservation system, which prevents candidates from applying for any job vacancy. But this system is not applicable in private sector.

06. Benefits in Both Sector

Both sectors have their own benefits. Both sectors provide lots of benefits to their employees. Some of the sectors, give holidays, and some give a little good amount of salary.

i). Advantage and Disadvantage:-

There are many benefits in government sector like pension after retirement, home loan, medical and many more, whereas in a private sector, you will not get a pension, any medical treatment, home loans. But, a lot of the time, they offer you to travel abroad, outings, pay off your expenses, etc. So, both the sectors have their own advantage and disadvantage.

ii). Salary:-

Everyone wants to join a job for well paid from the sector. The private sector pays its employees a slightly better amount than the government sector. However, the government sector provides lots of benefits to the employee than the private sector.

iii). Leaves and Holidays:-

Everyone knows that government sectors have more public and national holidays than the private sector. There are limited leaves and holidays in the private sector. Therefore, government employees can enjoy their long leave. The private sector like MNCs doesn’t offer holidays on Indian Public Holidays.


For those aspirants who want to get a job after completing their studies, and don’t understand government job vs private job – which one is better, I hope the article will help them a lot. Thanks for reading this article. Please share and like this article, so I can stay motivated for more posts.

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